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Later this month, 27th February, I will be launching a new coworking space in Bordon called SIGNAL. In partnership with the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Co and Seats2Meet, we will be offering free coworking space to local businesses and entrepreneurs in refurbished army quarters.

Operating a coworking space is a great fit for Your Business Hubs, and I’m delighted that SIGNAL will also be the home to the Bordon Hub. My dream since founding Your Business Hubs has always been to have a dedicated space for local businesses and entrepreneurs to network, cowork and access business support, so it’s an exciting time especially as it’s an important part of a huge regeneration project for this area.

Coworking spaces are often associated with large cities where office space is expensive and where there are high numbers of start-ups. However, it’s also something that people in more rural areas want. In and around Bordon, Hampshire there are numerous small businesses, operating from home offices and small units, as well as entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting up new companies and developing new products.

Many of these business owners are compromising on space: perhaps working from a spare room or trying to do business admin and strategic activities from a workshop. As you can imagine planning your business growth strategy from a bench in an industry unit or from your kitchen table is far from ideal; which is where a coworking space can be invaluable.

Typically, coworking spaces operate on a desk hire basis*, although you’re most likely to be hiring a place at a communal table than an individual desk. Sitting alongside fellow coworkers you benefit from free WiFi, light and warmth, and the use of a kitchen and bathroom. Additional services may also be available such a printing and photocopying, as well as meeting room hire and even catering services if needed.

Having booked your space, you can get stuck into whatever work you need to do in a productive environment. You also have the opportunity to contribute to this business community, build professional relationships and simply enjoy some companionship.

Coworking Spaces To Escape Your Office

Many business owners use coworking spaces to escape their office! They may want to get away from employees and colleagues, to avoid distractions and focus on some work; but equally they may want to cowork so that they’re around other business people.

Working for yourself, alone, is very isolating. It can be hard to motivate yourself, you can get cabin fever, and also find it hard to come up with creative solutions when you’re not regularly engaging with other people. Coworking spaces offer a respite from the four walls of your office, and the chance to channel other people’s energy! Simply working in a productive space can have a beneficial effect on your productivity levels, and you also have an opportunity to talk to other business people. A conversation with a fellow coworker could spark an idea, solve a problem or provide the support you need to take your business to the next level.

The flexibility of coworking spaces also means you can dip in and out as you want to. Some people use them all the time because they don’t have a suitable space to work elsewhere. Others have a regular day where they cowork – such as when they need an admin day or just want a change of scene – while some people use coworking spaces more sporadically.

Alongside the coworking space in Bordon, we’ll also be running the Bordon Hub to broaden the scope of SIGNAL. Coworking entrepreneurs, local business owners, self-employed makers and traders are all invited to join our business community and benefit from inspiration business support and business networking opportunities. I think it’s an excellent fit.

If you’re local to Bordon, why not come to our launch event or contact me to arrange to visit SIGNAL.

* SIGNAL in Bordon, Hampshire is a free coworking space. We want to build an entrepreneurial business community in Bordon and therefore we feel it’s really important to provide a space accessible to all. We hope that in return our coworking community will pay with social capital, sharing their knowledge and experience, and helping each other succeed in business.

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