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Whether you’re starting a new business or are a successful entrepreneur, you should never stop learning and developing your business and leadership skills. While you could attend a business Masterclass (something I would highly recommend), or book yourself on to relevant courses and workshops, there’s one thing we should all find the time to do, and that’s reading.

I have a stack of entrepreneurial books for bedtime reading, but during the day I turn to business blogs. If you’re not a big business blog reader, here are 10 to get you started.

10 Business Blogs For SMEs

How to start, run and grow your business

  1. British Library’s Innovation and enterprise blog

Ideal if you’re just beginning your journey as an entrepreneur, but equally useful if you’ve been running your business for a while and want to scale-up. Lots of interesting articles with case studies and interviews so you can learn from others.

  1. Enterprise Nation blog

If you want business advice from experts, who have been there and done that, this blog is a must-read. Easy to navigate, the blog covers topics such as business technology, accounting and tax, business communication and marketing. Their start-up series of videos from successful entrepreneurs will give you plenty of food for thought.

  1. Startup Donut blog

As the name suggests a great blog for people starting from scratch looking for all round start up advice. Topic areas include, boost your profits; create a productive workplace and help your employees get the work/life balance right. If you’ve got a specific questions you need answered, this blog is a great resource with lots of advice and tips.

Understanding your customers

  1. itsindevelopmental blog

This blog is written by content strategist Martin Couzins. It focuses on how you can gain your customers trust through the words that you use and how you can create engaging content. The blog includes interesting articles on building your influence and creating ‘thought leadership’ style content, and advice for writing successful articles.

Protecting your company from cyberattacks

  1. Ramsac blog

Whatever sector your business is in, being clued up about cyber security is important. This blog gives you advice on data protection and cyber security, business continuity, working with IT providers etc.

Going green

  1. Business Green blog

If you care about the environment, this is the blog for you. It’s full of interesting articles that highlight how you can be eco-friendly and ultimately save your business money. Includes articles on repairing technology, switching to The Cloud and cutting your energy costs.

Everything and Anything

  1. Small Business Blog

A bit of a one-stop-job for small business owners with top tips and advice for virtually every area of your business, from business funding to cloud computing, book keeping to recruiting the right people. It’s a gold mine for entrepreneurs and deserves to be bookmarked for sure.

  1. Small Business – Blog section

Confusingly, this blog has an identical name to the one above, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. It too is a great all-rounder, exploring topics such as boosting your profit margins, tracking and monitoring systems and how Donald Trump impacts on UK SMEs.

Boosting creativity

  1. creative4business blog

Business doesn’t have to be boring and if you want a workplace that’s creative and full of innovation, this blog will give you plenty of ideas. Topics covered include flexible working, measuring productivity and solving multi-layered problems.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest news

  1. Guardian’s Business blog

To find out what’s happening in the world of business, this blog is a must-read. Politics Live with Philip Andrew Sparrow is always a highlight, as are articles by Graeme Wearden. The Guardian also has a Small Business Network with lots of resources. Scroll down to the ‘Our hubs’ section that provide a useful way of searching the site’s content.

Speaking of Hubs, I hope you’ve bookmarked this blog too! I aim to provide a good cross section of advice, opinion, experience and expertise on the Your Business Hub blog, which I hope is useful even inspiring at times!

As well as reading other people’s blogs it’s also good to write your own. I find it a very cathartic experience, helping me to get my thoughts in order and focus on action. If you would like to contribute a guest blog to this site I’m always interested in the original thought, practical experience and insights that other small business owners and entrepreneurs can share. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute.

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