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There are lots of small business apps that have been designed with entrepreneurs and business owners in mind. They can really help you run your business – in some cases even replacing services you might otherwise need to get from an outsource provider – and streamline some of the activities you do on a daily basis. Many of these can save you time and money long term so are worth investigating.

To help you discover small business apps that can help you host events, contact your customers and ultimately increase your turnover, we have decided to share our favourites.

Accounting apps

  1. Quick books – With this app you can capture your expenses with receipt photos, create invoices and quotes, download your bank transactions, and estimate your tax payments and much more. Quick books claims to be the world’s number 1 online accounting software and offers a 30 day free trial >
  2. Sage One Accounting – Designed for small businesses, this app will help with all of your accounting needs, from sending invoices to monitoring cashflow and dealing with payroll. Find out more >

Communication apps

  1. Skype – If you’ve not been fully embracing Skype, you need to start. Ideal for calling contacts in other countries and for video calls, Skype can bring all of your team together wherever you happen to be. Join Skype today >
  2. Slack – Once you’ve used this app for yourself you’ll wonder how you managed before you had it. It allows you to share messages, files and lists with your whole team. It can be integrated with Dropbox, Twitter, Google Drive and Salesforce. Click here to find out more >
  3. Burner – This handy app allows you to send and receive messages and calls whilst keeping your phone number private. It allows you to have several phone numbers if you wish, ideal for keeping salespeople at bay. For more information, click here >

Marketing apps

  1. Adwords – Downloading this app should be a priority if you want to make the most of PPC and have the ability to keep an eye on your campaigns 24/7. You’ll get real-time alerts, have the ability to tweak your campaigns, update your bids and set your budgets. Find out more >
  2. Eventbrite – If you hold events or are planning on holding your first soon, you definitely should download this app as you’ll be able to use their ticketing tools to promote your event and sell tickets. Click here to find out more >
  3. MailChimp – This is one of the most useful apps you can get for your small business. Use the MailChimp App to create and send email campaigns. You can also track your accounts activity, manage your lists, receive alerts when you get a sale and get personalised tips. For more information, click here >
  4. SurveyMonkey – Whenever you want to send a survey to your customers or prospects, this is the app to use. It’s the world’s number 1 survey platform. You can use a template or customise your own, get feedback and analyse the results. Find out more >

Sales apps

  1. Salesforce1 – If you have Salesforce, this app is a must. It brings together your chatter, CRM, custom apps and business processes. It allows members of your sales team to manage their day, update CRM info on the go, complete sales tasks and track performance. Click here to find out more >
  2. PayPal Here – With this app you can take credit and debit payments without having to pay a monthly fee. You will need a PayPal card reader to use this app. Why not order one today?

Social media apps

  1. Facebook Pages Manager – If you have a Facebook page for your business, this is an app all of your admins will need. Your customers will expect prompt replies 24/7 unless you clearly state when you’ve logged off each night. With this app, your admins will be able to schedule posts, check messages and view the latest insights. Read more here >
  2. Hootsuite – Perfect for managing several social media accounts at once. Having the ability to schedule posts on the go can save you (or your admin team) valuable time. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Youtube. Hootsuite provides insights so you can track how your content is doing and gives you the ability to see relevant conversations that you may want to join. Read more here >

For more help and advice on running your small business, check out our other blog posts or come along to one of our business hubs. Meet other business owners, get fantastic business support and education from the experts, and be inspired! Your first visit is free, click here for more details.

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