Yes it’s the ubiquitous New Year resolution post, a feature of many blogs at this time of year – alongside those ‘year in review’ and ‘predications for 2018’ articles! This post is different though – honestly!

For it I’ve trawled through the many conversations and questions that have been asked via our Business Hub Members groups to see what the common themes are that could help you become more successful in 2018. I’ve also looked through my notes from all the Hub talks I’ve attended over the last year, where I jot down ideas, feedback and insights that could provide the key to growing a business, increasing revenue and enjoying a fulfilling life.

I hope this ‘New Year Resolution’ list below provides some inspiration for the 2018, a bit of a checklist of things to do and goals to set.

5 Business New Year Resolutions For You

  1. Collaborate more

Collaboration works. It inspires and motivates, brings new opportunities and combines skill sets to maximum effect. Make a resolution to get at least one collaboration going this year with another small business!

Throughout the last 12 months I’ve witnessed some fantastic collaborations between Business Hub members, not least between our Farnham Hub owners Rebecca Bromley and Jonathan Howkins! While they have come together to build a business, others have collaborated in different ways. For example, Rhiannon Ford collaborated with Dominic Brookes on a blog post, bringing their different skillsets and experience to content that will provide value for both their customers and prospects.

Many people think that collaboration involves a big commitment but actually it can be any project that enables all parties to build their business, reputation, profile etc. Big or small, look for collaborative opportunities in 2018.

  1. Ask for help

There is no shame in asking for help! We all struggle out there and we cant possibly know everything.

This year make a resolution to ask others for help regularly. It’s not weak, its sensible and honest and you’ll be surprised where the conversations lead – asking for help can generate interesting conversations that can lead to new business or new resources. Try not to appear ignorant about your own core business of course  – you want your customers or clients to have the greatest confidence in your abilities, but you are allowed to have areas of weakness– especially about things that are not your specific skillset or expertise.

Our #hubhelp hashtags shows just how willing other entrepreneurs are to offer help and support, and how a request for help can open up new opportunities for your business.

  1. Join a conversation

Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation but answering other people’s questions is an even more effective business tool. Entrepreneurs tend to broadcast – but think how much you love it when someone responds to something you have put out there.  Joining in other people’s conversations is much more likely to get the attention you want than just posting your own.  So instead of scheduling a whole load of posts this month try looking for potential customers, reading what they are posting and commenting or sharing. Consumers are much more receptive to having a conversation and building rapport than any sales pitch.

  1. Look after your health

In other words – look after your energy levels! To survive and thrive in business we need to have abundant energy. This means prioritising exercise, downtime, sleep and good nutrition.  Many of us business owners end up working crazy hours, neglecting holidays, friends and family, forgoing exercise and sleep and eating on the go; all to get a business off the ground. If that’s you, (and its definitely been me!)  take action in 2018. If like me you really need motivating to do this then get some help. I have hired a personal trainer for 2018 – it’s expensive but Ive learned from previous years that without a trainer I tend to do very little!! As the saying goes”if you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got’ (ie nowhere) so for me its an investment worth making. I’ve also booked four holidays and allocated a lot of family time for the things that matter this year.  Poor health and damaged relationships cannot always be recovered and will adversely affect your business for sure so pay attention to this one.

Hub members can use the hashtag #hubfit to find other hub members to hold them to account for their fitness goals!

  1. Be open to opportunity

Being open to opportunities isn’t just about sitting at your desk looking for new customers, or  exploring that proposal sent by someone you want to do business with. It’s also about being open to opportunity in places you least expect. Of course to be open to anything happening you need to get out and about as much as possible so get on Eventbrite and start booking yourself into some interesting events, Then make sure you talk to a variety of people. I’ve noticed that at some business networking events people quickly dismiss other attendees if they don’t think there’s some synergy between their businesses. Usually because they don’t think that person is a prospect or can help them further their business objectives. What a missed opportunity!  You cant know how connected that person is, what they’re going to do next, what their partner does or what they or you might need in the future. By not giving someone the time of day you could be missing out on fantastic opportunities for your business, or in your personal life. Make it a New Year resolution to get to as many different events as possible, talk to everyone and keep a very open mind. Its worth keeping a record of conversations too. Then let me know how it went!

Have you got a business related New Year resolution to share? Leave a comment below and make a commitment to keeping it!

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