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What is a Business Hub?

I dreamt of a place where I could meet up with other business owners regularly in a social, informal environment and learn from their skills and experience. Somewhere where skilled and experienced business people would freely mix with enthusiastic start-ups and any business owners who wants to increase their knowledge.
I came up with the Hub concept in 2013 and the Farnham Hub was born. We meet every Friday morning – a great mix of all kinds of business people – some there to learn, some there to teach, some to get motivated, and some to be inspired. Everyone enjoys the coffee, banter and camaraderie, and people comment each week that they always leave a Hub feeling a bit more upbeat about their business and a bit more in control.

The structure is pretty simple. Our Hubs are ‘pop up’ – they occupy unused space in restaurants, pubs and clubs on a weekday morning often in return for publicity, footfall and promotion.

Your first Hub experience is completely free!

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Each Hub is a profit making business itself, and does not rely on funding. Hub owners are both experienced business owners and confident facilitators. They make sure all the members feel included and supported. They spot potential connections and collaborations and keep an eye on business opportunities in their town. They are available to give practical advice and emotional support.

Being in business for yourself is challenging. It can be lonely and frustrating. There is so much to do and so much to learn. Often there is no one to ask for advice. We aim to put that right! What every business owner needs is a genuine and honest community. A place where people will tell you how it really is because they’re not there to sell to you or buy from you, but to learn from you and give you advice.

There are many communities to choose from online. But you cannot beat piling into a room full of friendly faces one morning a week for that feel good fix of ‘people like me’.
If you’d like to know more, we write about Hub life every week in our blogs. You can see the most recent ones below.

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