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We don’t ‘network’ at a Hub session as we prefer to encourage people to relate to one another on a personal level rather than business to business. This is so that business owners feel atht they can be really honest about what they know and dont know – and are able to ask questions and ask for support where needed. In this environment our members build really significant, meaningful relationships with people who are genuinely willing to help them rather than just superficial selling / buying relationships. Of course buying and selling goes on too – between people who already know like and trust one another.

We would love to see you at a Hub event. Click on Farnham Hub or Guildford Hub below to see what's going on.


All Business Hubs host weekly sessions for their members. Hub sessions are three hours long and start with breakfast and ‘banter’ before settling down for some serious learning. Business owners often have big gaps in their knowledge. While we are very good at the thing that we do we sometimes have no idea how to actually run a business. This has never been more true than now as all business owners feel the pressure to go online and use modern platforms to sell and market themselves. Popular sessions we run include Social Media Strategy, Personal Branding, Useful Productivity Apps, Getting on top of Google, and WordPress Clinic.  After the talk we run a practical hands on session where Hub members have an opportunity to apply what they have learned to their own small business. Hub members hold other hub members accountable for their actions which is  essential support for anyone growing a small business.

Farnham Hub

Supercharge your business with our business skills workshops

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Be part of Bordon’s newest entrepreneurial movement.

Guildford Hub

 Meet like minded business owners and get help overcoming challenges

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