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Emma says

“As the owner of several small businesses over the last twenty years I have always been frustrated by the absence of any real face to face support for people like me. Over 80% of business owners work alone and most of them have little or no actual business training. Every one of them needs a supportive and engaged team of people around them to help them get to grips with the challenges of running a small business. But only rarely can someone afford to start building a team right from the outset. In fact we know that 75% of business owners in the UK never employ another person. So I opened the first Business Hub – a space for business owners to come together and share experiences and expertise. We create our own support teams from our peers and train each other by sharing our business expertise. It’s such a simple solution but it really works!

It’s great to see the community grow and to foster the exchange of ideas and collaboration among the membership. I love to hear that my Hub members meet regularly on and off line to sense check ideas, source people and request information. I provide my members with access to a network of business owners,  boardroom style problem solving, accountability  and inspirational talks – the membership do the rest!

After the success of the Farnham Hub I launched my first franchise, the Guildford Hub in March 2015.  The Guildford Hub is now over 2 years old and I am now very excited to be extending the network of Business Hubs across the UK. Later in 2018 you’ll be able to visit Business Hubs in Bordon, Portsmouth and a number of other great towns. Watch this space!

 If you would like a Business Hub in your town – great! We can easily arrange that for you. Just leave your email details below and we’ll send you an information pack with prices and details for 2018!

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The Hub team and I have had great fun and learned a lot setting up this franchise and launching the Farnham and Guildford Business Hubs. As well as enjoying ourselves we take great pride and pleasure in the fact that we help small business owners achieve their dreams of independence and fulfilment.  If you would like to find out more about joining our growing team of franchisees please leave your details below and I will send you our information pack with 2017 prices

Emma Selby is a qualified digital marketing strategist (Google Squared Online ) and Social Media Coach (certified by Surrey County Council) She founded the Farnham Hub in February 2013 and the Aldershot Hub in February 2015. She has a Masters in English, a degree in Russian and began working life as a journalist specialising in Russian Oil and Gas. She then spent 10 years packing parachutes for a living and travelling the world to compete with her skydiving team Mixteen 16 before founding a successful sportswear business. Emma is now settled in Farnham with her husband and three children.

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I believe simply that every business founder has the right to the best support and skills training in their own home town and that every town is capable of providing the resources and training needed for its own start ups.

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