Your Local Business Hub

Education, inspiration, collaboration


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Your Local Business Hub

Education, Collaboration, Inspiration

Do you want to be a business leader in your community?

‘We believe that every business owner has the right to the very best business support. If you’re a business leader with experience and acumen, then you’ll love what being a Business Hub Franchisee will bring you.’

Emma Selby

Founder, Your Business Hub

Where is your nearest Business Hub?

Farnham Hub

Supercharge your business with our business skills workshops

Bordon Hub

Your Local Business Hub  Be a part of Bordon’s entrepreneurial community.

Guildford Hub

Meet like minded business owners and get help overcoming challenges

No Business Hub near you?

Become the next Business Hub owner!

‘At Your Business Hub we help small business owners increase rapidly in skill and confidence so that they can grow profitable and rewarding businesses.  We believe that every small business owner should have access to this support and business training. So we believe every town in th UK needs a Business Hub! Luckily we have a plan to make that happen. We have distilled the elements of the perfect Business Hub into a great franchise opportunity. Our Business Hubs are profitable and fun to run. Now we are looking for the right people to run them!’

Emma Selby

Founder , Your Business Hub

What Our Members Say…




“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

– Jim Rohn

Become our next business hub owner

Learn how to use the power of community and collaboration to offer amazing peer to peer training and support to business owners in  your town.  Create your own genuinely supportive Business Hub within which every local business owner can find the exact support he or she needs given freely on a daily basis.

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